“We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems.”
– John W. Gardner

Judge Michele Lowrance (Ret.) offers numerous services including mediation, speaking engagements, and hosting workshops. Click here to see a full list of divorce, family, and relationship matters for which Judge Lowrance offers mediation services.

The mediation process will not only help reduce difficult emotions, it can utilize such feelings to dissipate stress and help parties reach settlement. Using the latest neuroscience research on how people behave in conflict and under stress, Judge Lowrance’s personal goal for mediation is to allow clients to resolve issues and if conflict is present, help clients engage in conflict in a productive manner. This fosters opportunities for clear decision-making that leads to positive and lasting solutions.


As a former divorce attorney, family relations judge, divorcee, and child of divorce, Judge Lowrance has a life-time of knowledge and experience with understanding the legalities, emotions, struggles, and decisions that come with divorce or break-up.


Speaking & Workshops
Judge Lowrance has spoken at dozens of national, international and local events. See some of the places where she has spoken and contact her here if you’d like to consider her for your next event.


Mediation For Lawyers
It is common knowledge that mediation is used amongst individuals seeking divorce or undergoing a break-up. However, there are numerous benefits of mediation for lawyers and judges to consider as well. Here are the list of advantages for lawyers and how to present them to their clients.